10 Rules of Decor, Which You Don’t Know

Sometimes it is correct to apply the finishing touches is much more difficult than to determine the color of the tiles in the bathroom or the floor. How to decorate your apartment in a simple, fast and modern — today in our article

Flawless ceiling, smooth walls, flooring and even furniture, perfectly matched to your interior, I have not done the repair is complete. Now, when the work is finished, don’t forget to give the apartment individuality with decoration. Today we tell about the ten rules, which surely will inspire you!

1. Dark window frames

Dark color frames — a rather unusual decision on which yet few dare. Everyone is used to the standard white color. However, the choice of dark colors has its advantages. Ash, purple or even black frame contrasting with a solid General background of the room.

2. Flowers

If you are not a fan of colorful Wallpaper and not a fan of curtains with floral prints, but spring into the house anyway you want — put a vase with flowers. Fresh flowers can transform any interior. They are relevant in any (even in the bathroom) room. A lush bouquet of lilacs in a vintage vase will add a chic living room in art Deco style, and an armful of colorful tulips brighten up the bedroom, made in a minimalist style.

Our view:

— Choose the flowers according to the season. In March — tulips in autumn chrysanthemums, winter — dried cotton branch. Thus, your house will be a reflection of the alternation of the seasons.

3. More light!

Fluorescent lights in the dressing table, led ceiling lamps, table lamps for reading, candles to create a romantic mood — all this is to ensure that you have created in building the right atmosphere. Do not forget that decorating the room. Pay attention to light paper lanterns. Hanging several of these lanterns to the ceiling, you’d be surprised how the air seems room.

4. Transformation

Sometimes the old table, which was inherited from her grandmother, is too expensive to throw away but not good enough to leave him in your apartment. Try to paint it (maybe even more than once). So different-sized tables and chairs will be a single set of furniture.

5. Dark bedroom

Why not? Bedroom for such experiments is the ideal space. Dark colors soothe and help to relax. If black color is not acceptable to you, choose muted shades of dark gray, blue or purple.

6. Expensive paint

Color of the paint not the whole room, only some parts of the furniture or a window. This will save the repair costs, but it will help to update a room efficiently and permanently.

7. Layering

Not everyone is comfortable living in the room where all things are hidden behind the doors of the cabinets and the cleanliness seems to be almost sterile. Spread out on the coffee table or near the shelves with books and favorite magazines. On the couch put a blanket and a few decorative pillows. A few items, “accidentally” left on their places, create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

8. Collect

If you’ve been collecting posters with the image of the raging sea or photos of the sunset in the Alps — it’s time to show the result of their efforts. Hang on the wall photos or paintings United by one theme. Such decisions always look advantageous.

9. Books are everywhere

Open shelves or shelves with clear glass doors can be filled with books. The main thing — to arrange a beautiful small stacks, complementing colors, frames or candlesticks, and not mindlessly to score a bookcase orderly encyclopedic volumes. Here functionality fades into the background.

10. Kitchen

Use to decorate the room not only carefully chosen and sourced materials that are in any kitchen. For example, in glass and ceramic jars and jugs you can put kitchenware, beauty and create a special atmosphere to add vintage scales, old wooden cutting Board will work as a stand for fruit.

Our view:

— If the inheritance you got an old metal stand for cake, clear it, further artificially aged. If possible, buy her a glass cap. Now in your Arsenal is an exquisite vintage piece, which will decorate the holiday table.